Friday, August 18, 2006

On "Gifted" Children and Adults

It's all so, so true.

Parenting a Highly Gifted Child:

Many people think of profoundly and highly gifted children as having it easy. They do not. They are special needs children as surely as the mentally retarded. They have extreme difficulties fitting in, accepting life. They are lonesome little people. They need constant guidance of a kind few are prepared to give. Endless patience on the part of the parent. It is. Exhausting. [Emphasis added.]

Oh, God, yes.

Understanding People Like Me

For instance, gifted adults are more likely to be morally outraged at issues that don't seem to concern other people very much. We are more likely to be highly emotional, and to express it. We are more likely to think idependently, challenge authority, and question norms that everyone else take for granted. We are more likely to be seen as weird.

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