Monday, May 09, 2005

Real ID is Stupid

REAL ID A Real Bad Idea.

This "Real ID" scheme makes us less safe, costs money, and will make identity theft easier.

How the Real ID Act will affect you

One voice in the wilderness. Voting against the REAL ID Act.

HR 418 (click the little radio button that says "Enter Bill Number" and then type "HR 418" in the text field, and hit the Search button. You'll get a page that links to a couple different versions of the bill: as entered in House, as agreed to or passed by House, etc. It doesn't really matter which one you click on, you're just looking to get the gist of it.)

Look at this bill. Doesn't this bill look like something attempting to keep terrorists out of the country?

If that's its true purpose, why does it start off by documenting the hell out of every American citizen?

Wouldn't it make sense to document the hell out of prospective terrorists instead?

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