Tuesday, June 15, 2004

What an interesting thing, timing

Unit Says It Gave Earlier Warning Of Abuse In Iraq

Starting in mid-November, one member of the unit began asking detainees, "How have you been treated since you have been in U.S. custody?" It was intended as a tactic meant to make the detainee feel like the interrogator cared, military intelligence personnel said. But the question soon began eliciting vivid and disturbing answers.

When did Miller visit with his 'suggestions' about 'gitmo-izing' Abu Ghraib? September, 2003, wasn't it?

Doesn't that sound like a reasonable amount of time for

a. 'suggestions' to have been implemented broadly
b. someone suffering under these 'suggestions' to be deemed as no longer useful and sent to the Detainee Assessment for a final interview/interrogation?

N.B.: The question hadn't been part of routine assessments previously, so this could be a coincidence.

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