Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Taguba, et al, Testimony

I watched most of Rumsfeld's testifying on a CSPAN repeat over the weekend, and got to hear the last 40+ minutes of the Taguba testimony this morning on NPR.

Of the two, today's hearing contained a lower crap:content ratio, and I have to admit, Lt. General Lance Smith (who is a CENTCOM deputy, if I've got it right -- remember, I'm jotting this down from listening, not seeing a name and title on a screen) didn't spend an overwhelming amount of his Rumsfeld hearing testimony droning on and saying nothing, either. Although, I'll admit that as interested as I am in all this, I zoned out for about 10 minutes somewhere in the middle.

I liked Major-General Taguba. I still haven't read the report, I meant to do so last night but wrote fiction instead. Hopefully I'll get to it tonight, definitely by the weekend.

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