Friday, April 23, 2004

Voting Machines In Indiana Highly Suspect

Voting machine firm must audit system, Election Board rules

The three-member Election Board pummeled a company representative Thursday over why the incorrect software was installed and why the company did not tell county election officials there was a problem..
"We can't afford to make any more announcements about mistakes to our voters," said Marion County Clerk Doris Anne Sadler, one of three members of the Election Board..
Sadler said she had seen an e-mail from ES&S headquarters directing the company's local representative, Wendy Orange, to lie about the software and pass off an attempt to replace it as routine maintenance.
"I don't know that I can explain it," said Ken Carbullido, senior vice president of product and software development for ES&S, who was under oath Thursday. "It was a mistake not to be entirely forthcoming."


There's one quote that I think sums up everything that's wrong with electronic voting today, from one member of the Marion Election Board to ES&S (Election Systems and Software, a company I have talked about much less than Diebold):

"What else don't we know about what you went in and changed?"


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