Monday, March 08, 2004

Election Issues Cost Votes

In spite of state rules and purchase contracts requiring the use of well-tested and nationally qualified voting equipment, they chose just days before the March 2 primary to use a Diebold device never tested against Federal Elections Commission standards and never approved by the National Association of State Elections Directors.

Election issues cost votes

I just want you all to know that San Diego County used software that was installed the day before we were given the hardware.

Supplies are given to precinct board members about 2 weeks before the election, immediately following the required training class. We [my precinct] received our Diebold TSx systems and other supplies on Saturday February 14, and the Diebold trainer said they'd been installing software "on them" [which may or may not mean all of the units in use throughout the county] "the night before".

For all intents and purposes, that means the night before the election.

My full report of working as an Assistant System Inspector using the Diebold TSx will be posted tonight or tomorrow.


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