Saturday, March 27, 2004

Critter Knitter Progress

Crochet. Crochet. Crochet.

  • One circular double-crochet blanket, using acrylic yarn scraps. Red Heart green and Dazzleaire (or whatever) green ombre, held together. Size N hook. About 22 inches diameter.
  • One white basketweave afghan that had been a baby afghan, lo, those many years ago. About 3 ft by 2 ft.
  • One cat bed in moss stitch (sc, dc, skip, repeat ad infinitum), about 20 inches by 18, in dark blue and dark green Red Heart. Size P hook.
  • And I'm 2/3rds through another cat bed in moss stitch, using two strands held together of something light blue, and whatever other colors I find. So far, maroon, cream, and grey. Size N hook.

I'm going to try to finish the last one by this evening, and then I might whip out a couple towel-quilt-blankets or something.

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