Thursday, February 26, 2004

Some People have even called me Extroverted

And I score a 32 on this thing. Practice, baby, practice.

The Autism Quotient Test. An interesting test. Autism (I've mentioned this before, I think) to me reads as an extreme INT personality, specifically INTJ, and I wonder how much of considering "mild autism" a problem is related to cultural expectations regarding extroversion.

Found via The Bog of Lost Scholars

And then there's Baron-Cohen's systemizing-empathizing brain theory, which I'm sure has merit (in part because I'm a woman INTJ with a male twin, and thus the recipient of prenatal testesterone at a much higher level then a sole XX fetus would experience, with measurable effects on physiology, so why wouldn't there be brain differences?), and you can read more here, though the tone is way too women=fashion and romance and men=cars, which I resent greatly.

But you know what I realized after reading this article?*

If you read this article from a pro-woman perspective, as you undoubtedly won't, which is why I'm taking the trouble to pull out a sledgehammer and drive my point home here, you may note:

Women are experts at the far more complex and subtle systems of human interactions. Cars and computer games are just too simple to hold our attention.

Look, they're all systems.

Computers are easy. H. sapiens is a challenge.

*Bear in mind, I don't hate men. Honestly.
I do hate sexism, both subtle and overt, and I think how we go about categorizing sociobiological differences between men and women has a lot of sexism in it. And...I do so enjoy turning ideas on their heads, as regular readers may or may not have noticed.

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