Monday, January 26, 2004


Yesterday, I took the Director's Guild's Assistant Director Training Program test, as part of the application process to join their Asst Dir. Training Program.

Asst. Directors are not junior directors or directors-to-be. They're project managers and support staff, they keep things running smoothly so the director and focus on the camera. Pun intended. They're like the MIS department of a company as near as I can tell: you only really know they're there when something's *wrong*, not when everything is fine.

A friend and former work colleague suggested I look into it as a possible job option, and I found the program, read up on it, said, "Yeah, I'd like doing this. A lot," and signed up to take the test.

It was held at the USC campus, Sunday, so I've been in LA since Saturday night (since I work in south LA, now, it seemed silly to go home just to drive back this morning, when I was already so close to the office). I'm looking forward to going home to my cats tonight. Very much.

The test? It was pretty straightforward. Strong personality profile component. Like the LSAT, included reading/verbal comprehension and logic problems.

Easier, overall, I think. More time crunch, though. Instead of 30 minutes for a section, there were several that were 9 or 12. So the perception of ease might just be the perception of speed. I'll know how I did in 6-8 weeks.

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