Sunday, December 28, 2003

Life and all that Crap

It's occurred to me I've been posting a lot of politics and not much else. This is unlikely to change in the immediate future, as to say I care passionately about getting some change in the executive branch ASAP, rolling back some of the recent affronts to my civil liberties, and protecting the voting process, merely to mention three items off the top of my head, would be an understatement of such magnitude as to border on untruth.

However. I *do* have a life.

Point the First: The novel is in stagnant water. I suspect the last 20% will be the hardest to actually *write*. And that's not counting the excruiciating re-writing to come.
Point the Second: I'm working a contract for requirements and system analysis up in LA. This will cut into my rant time, what with the long commute, but it's not driving me crazy yet. Get it? Driving me crazy? Commute? Ha ha ha. I crack me up. This gig has no coding, which is both odd, and rather a treat. It's been much easier to leave the work at work, so far. And working for Hot Topic is simply the end. Yep. Relentlessly untrendy me, working for Hot Topic. One of life's little ironies. I'm listening to audio tapes of Lincoln's Prose and Lincoln's Letters on the drive home at the moment. Yes, Abraham Lincoln, the dead president. Him. He's not doing the reading himself. I definitely would like to get dead tree copies of his prose and letters.
Point the Third: My submission to the Writer's of the Future contest from last year has apparently been stuck in a box somewhere and only recently emerged into the light of day. It is now submitted for this quarter's contest. I am not exactly 'pleased' with this turn of events, although "lost" is a step up from "so bad you didn't warrant a letter telling you how bad it is".
Point the Fourth: The Christmas gifts were well received, so far as I can tell. Meinen Bruder has not been in touch.
Point the Fifth: I haven't sold a single story this year, dammit! The novel-as-excuse can only work for so long! But I did a rewrite on "Song of the Ghost Ship" and sent I think it's quite improved, and I was pretty happy with it to begin with.
Point the Sixth: Parental types are coming down for New Year's Eve. Should be fun. We had a *fantastic* meal Christmas day, I've no idea if I can top it. Which reminds me...must email maternal relative recipe for pickled ginger.

That's everything I can think of at the moment.

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