Wednesday, October 08, 2003

CA recall

I'm going to make a voting-precinct-specific comment that is

1. purely, and I mean purely anecdotal (and therefore perhaps wildly inaccurate);
2. not scientific in any way - my impression only (and therefore perhaps wildly inaccurate).

More republicans voted then democrats in the CA recall election. This is strictly my sense upon processing their sign-ins in one precinct. And let me be clear:

1. I processed 98.95% of those San Diego registered voters who came in to vote in the precinct where I worked yesterday (this includes the small group of people who voted out-of-precinct). I went to the bathroom once. (It's easy to tell because there are 4 righthander checkmarks on the street index instead of my own southpaw checkmarks).

2. I have a funny memory for ordered data. Sometimes it's almost eidetic. With other stuff it's more like a steel sieve. YMMV -- the gods know mine does.

3. Having said the above, I'm not sure if my precinct is republican-heavy or not.

4. I am left with an impression (remember: not scientific or reliable in any way).

5. That precinct was not necessarily representative in any way -- by percentage voted, or distribution of party affiliations, for example -- of San Diego county or the state of California.

More republicans came out and voted yesterday then democrats.

If you're a citizen in CA and you failed to vote yesterday, you should be ashamed of yourself, regardless of your affiliation. And I have nothing further to say to you except this: get off your ass and participate in this country's democracy, before it doesn't exist any more.

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